Women's Ministry

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves: to nurture our faith through prayer, worship, study of the Bible; to support the mission and ministry of His church worldwide; to build an active and caring group of women that work to strengthen and bless the lives of our families, the local church, and our community to the glory of His Name!

As a Women's Ministry, we prayerfully desire that any gathering of ladies is done as an overflow of the relationship we enjoy with our Lord Jesus Christ. As born again Christian women, the purposes of these events are to provide an opportunity for women to meet and make new friends while being built up in our spiritual lives. We want to make available a network of mature Christian women whereby the older women can teach the younger structurally in matters of faith, marriage, child rearing and issues that we deal with as women. We realize that God is a God of order, and that He would have us prioritize our time in a way that He designed. Therefore we pray that no women's event or ministry would ever be attended at the expense of time spent with family. Each gathering is an opportunity for women to exercise their God given gifts, whether it is hospitality, exhortation, counseling, sharing, worship or any others under the approval of the leadership of the church.




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