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It’s that time of year again. From July 10-14 the children will take over the grounds of Koinonia Fellowship and God will be pleased that they are. 

Crazy hair, fun music, crafts, snacks, games, bible stories and more! Our VBS theme this year is Maker Fun Factory - “Created by God, Built for a Purpose”. The Lord has granted me the privilege of serving in 11 Vacation Bible Schools at Koinonia Fellowship. This is my fourth year directing the VBS and each year has brought a special flavor for the week.

To be very transparent I prayerfully thought about eliminating VBS. Many churches have eliminated their program for various reasons (financial, time, volunteers, etc.). So why keep it going? The thought that stopped me in my tracks was this one: “You would never think of cancelling an 80 or 100 person adult event”.  I believe the thought was inspired from God. The truth of the matter is VBS is a special week for the children. All week they literally take center stage at Koinonia. This is a time of laughter, singing, bible verses, and so much more. VBS also serves as an outreach to our community. This may be the only time someone from East Rochester or neighboring towns ever steps foot in a church. There is a lot of good that comes from the week.

So many people remember when they attended VBS. They recall how it impacted them for Christ. They remember how they were touched by God in some way. There are some traditions that are good ones and VBS is one of them. This will be the 18th VBS at Koinonia, and the week continues to draw 80-120 children every year. 

We know that Jesus said “let the little children come to him, for such is the kingdom of heaven”. VBS brings children to Jesus in an energized and creative way. VBS is “Super Bowl” week for the children, and we want to win souls for the kingdom. We desire children to believe, receive, and become followers of Jesus Christ. We have 5 days to saturate them in truth, and I am always humbled by the servants who volunteer in this endeavor.

Please join me in praying and preparing for this annual event. We are praying for your children, we are praying for your families.


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